If the worst you can say to me is that Carolyn Walker is a shill for the phone company, then so be it. Carolyn Walker also makes commitments. She is best known as the Senate's most articulate advocate in behalf of restoring the King holiday. She has also been a vigorous champion of prenatal care and a firm believer in the rights of the poor to receive medical attention in a state notorious for its neglect. At the same time, she has been outspoken in behalf of small businesses.

Last year she sponsored landmark legislation to punish spousal rape.
On March 27, the one woman who sat with Walker through the entire evening was her mother. "Moms love you and they stick by you, no matter what."

Walker remains game in her isolation.
She has scheduled another event for her birthday on May 12.
Walker has also spent time taking care of herself. She is on a medically supervised diet. "I've lost a little over thirty pounds in eight weeks, and I'm about ready to catch a man," laughed Walker. "I pray, I say, `Listen, God, we got through this day. Let me get through one more.'|"

As Carolyn Walker waits and wonders where her friends are, she does not have to guess as to the whereabouts of her old nemesis, ex-Governor Evan Mecham.

Mecham announced on April 4, the anniversary of his removal from office and King's assassination, that he will again seek the governor's chair.

In the Senate the bill to restore the King holiday languishes. By contrast, Mecham is all fresh energy. His new attorney, Donald MacPherson, threatens federal action to overturn the impeachment.

Perhaps you haven't heard of MacPherson. But he is well-known in some circles. His other famous client, one he represents for free, is James Earl Ray.

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