The Earth First!

Abbey was given only a few weeks' notice that he was about to die from a circulatory disorder that caused internal bleeding.

Abbey wanted to meet death in the desert. So he had himself disconnected from the hospital tubes. His wife, Clarke, and three friends drove him to a spot in the desert. They built a final campfire for Abbey to look at. When he felt he was about to die, Abbey crawled into his sleeping bag. His wife went with him.

But he didn't die. So they brought him back to his writing cabin and placed him on a mattress. It was there that Abbey said his farewells.

The friend, who was the model for G.W. Hayduke in The Monkey Wrench Gang was with Abbey in his final minutes. "Hayduke," according to Hoagland, "is now actually a legend in his own right, a sort of contemporary mountain man who returned to the Tucson area several years ago."

It is said that Abbey smiled when Hayduke told him they would bury him according to Abbey's written instructions.

So Abbey's body was "transported in the bed of a pickup truck" out into the desert. He was buried, wrapped in his sleeping bag in a spot where the grave would never be found.

Abbey said one final thing to his friends before he died:
"I've done what I could," he said. "I'm ready."

Millett looked more like a librarian at the reference desk than a saboteur.

Dokken is one of those thin, tightly wrapped lawyers who operates on the far edge of apoplexy.

We have criminals of intergalactic status here.

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