"The truck dragged me about a hundred yards and stopped. The workers jumped out.

"The driver's name was Les Moore, and I know he was so mad that he had wanted to kill me. I could see the look in his eyes as he drove that truck into me.

"He came up to me and said: `You goddamned Communist bastard. Why don't you go back to Russia where you came from?'

"I said, `Hey, Les, I'm a registered Republican.'
"Then the sheriff's deputy came rushing up.
"`Are you all right?' he asked. `Do you have anything broken?'
"`I'm fine,' I said.
"`All right,' the deputy said, `then I'm placing you under arrest.'

"He put me in handcuffs and charged me with obstruction. I pleaded innocent and there was a trial in which I served as my own lawyer.

"At the trial, they tried to deny under oath that the truck had run me down. There was one thing wrong with this. The television station had film of the whole thing.

"Well, that blockade went on for a couple of months and 44 people were arrested before it ended. But we slowed down construction until a mainstream conservation group filed a lawsuit and got the road construction stopped."

"Why didn't you get out of the way of the truck when you saw the driver wasn't going to stop?" I asked.

"I figured I had made my commitment," Foreman said. "If I got out of the way, then they would figure everyone was going to get out of the way. And then, someday, maybe somebody wouldn't and he'd be killed.

"I'm not a totally nonviolent person. I believe in self-defense. But when you make a commitment to nonviolence, you have to live by it regardless of the consequences."

Foreman laughed as he recalled what happened at the trial.
"I got to cross-examine Les, the truck driver.
"`Why didn't you stop, Les?' I asked him.

"He answered that he couldn't stop because we were on a road that ran along the edge of a cliff. He was afraid I was going to push the truck over the edge."

"Do you remember how you felt as the truck was dragging you along and you could hear the engine roaring?"

Foreman shook his head.
"I felt like I was in a hell of a fix," he said.

He thought for a moment.
"I still have the tape of that incident. I like to run it backward so that it looks like I'm under the truck and I rise to push it all the way back down the road.

"You know, when something happens like this latest arrest by the FBI, you feel you'd have a better chance facing eight tanks in Beijing.

"I can't even feel a whole lot of anger toward the undercover guy the FBI sent in here. I just wonder how anyone can live with himself who does things like that.

"I know why they want to shut me up. It's because of the book."
Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkey Wrenching, has been out three years now. It has sold more than 12,000 copies and been reviewed in many respected national publications.

"They can't stop the book because of the First Amendment, but they want to intimidate me and to get rid of me.

"We're at the edge. Everybody ought to realize that. We are close to the end.

"Chernobyl . . . the oil spill in Prince William Sound . . . the garbage washing up on the East Coast last summer . . . the greenhouse effect . . . the destruction of the tropical rain forests . . . the terrible erosion in Arizona . . . .

"We're killing the planet.
"Some of us have to stand up and talk about that. We have to resist the destruction any way we can."

Foreman shook his head again.
"Abbey predicted this before he died. This is just the beginning of a major crackdown. I see the United States as a dying empire. It's controlled now by giant corporations who think they're above the law.

"But I'm not gonna be shut up," Foreman said, putting down his glass of iced tea.

"For me, it's just like I was still in front of that truck. I've got no choice."

One of the agents took Foreman's wife aside. The FBI man advised her to desert her husband.

"Abbey predicted this before he died. This is just the beginning of a major crackdown."

"The people calling themselves conservatives today are really monarchists or tories."

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