The following day I learned from the city finance office that the Phoenix Police Department had just signed an affidavit giving its consent to the transfer of the liquor license from Consolino to Davis. The forms were signed by Sergeant Columber.

For the past three weeks, Chief Ruben Ortega and Sergeant Andy Anderson have refused to come to the phone or to return calls regarding Club 902, the crack sales in the parking lot of the nightclub or the county attorney's financial stake in the bar.

On February 7, Mayor Terry Goddard and the city council will vote on the license transfer from Consolino to Davis. Goddard, who is about to announce for the governor's race, wants all city workers tested for drugs. At Club 902, the mayor does not have to go searching for drug abusers; the police reports make everything perfectly clear.

Four of the councilmembers want to succeed Goddard as mayor. The hopefuls will hear on February 7 from neighbors of Club 902, who are outraged about the crack sales.

The council meeting should be a marvelous look at the politics of drugs in Phoenix.

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