Charge It To Bad Luck

What happened when Karen Law bumped into Karen Law? Financial disaster.

The bankruptcy filing automatically puts Karen Ann's lawsuit on hold, lawyers for both Karen Laws agree.

Karen Christine lists debts of $19,766, and assets of $6,810 in her bankruptcy. She lists her current jobs as a claims processor/financial counselor for New York Life Insurance Company and Phoenix's Memorial Hospital, and says she earned $27,000 in 1989.

Karen Christine lists 25 creditors in the bankruptcy to whom she owes money. Most of those creditors either lent her money or let her make purchases on credit that appears in Karen Ann's credit reports.

"It's hard to figure something like this happening to me," says Karen Ann. "I used to just be Karen Law, just going my own way. Now, I have to watch my back because there's another Karen out there, and I don't like her."

"I told the guy, `It's not me.' He's thinking, `Sure, lady.'"

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