At a fund-raising dance for Pop Warner football, the president of the board of directors of Mesa American Pop Warner, Jack Polchow, ordered the disc jockey to stop playing that "nigger-loving music."

When three women at the dance questioned Polchow and reminded him that a lot of football players were black, this coach of children responded, "Well then, why don't you go suck their dicks?"

At the Pop Warner board meeting, league officials called the police on journalists from this paper who'd inquired over the womens' letters of complaint.

Now, I'm not going to lose my head over this race business. I'm not going to suggest that Phoenix Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell, staunch holiday advocate and Super Bowl supporter, pull his team from the field in protest.

The game must go on.
I don't envision anything dramatic.
Of course, we will have to pull a few of you racist crackers from your beds some evening and hang you from a paloverde in front of your wives and kids . . . . . . You're right, I'm raving. Tomorrow I'll get hold of myself. But I won't forget. The corporate movers and shakers can get the governor to sign an executive order creating a King holiday, and they can muscle the legislature into creating a King holiday, but they will never erase the vote of the good people of Arizona.

We will live forever with this racism.

We can deal with your racism, but for God's sake, stop dusting off these wheezy rationalizations.

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First and foremost,Jeff,I want you to know that I'M hearing you and your being denied work due to others outright RACISM is horrible! Obviously, there's a lot of CORRUPTION in Arizona and I, in my own right do what I can over the Internet and phone to help. If I was in Arizona would have taken ACTIVIST action! I'm terribly sorry about all the racism that's keeping you from working in the EMT and Fire Service Departments etc. like many other fine and upstanding African-Americans and Native Americans or other non-white peoples. GOD SEES THOSE RACISTS though and God makes sure that what goes around, comes around,so don't worry. You're a wonderful person as I can read you through what you do and don't say. God bless you for being such a fine professional man. These RACISTS need to look at History so they can know who the TRUE Americans are. African-Americans and Native Americans are the ones that got the U.S.A. built up to become the worlds most popular, educated and demanded in many aspects. African Americans & Native Americans are very noble, dedicated, patriotic and hard-working highly patriotic activist individuals. They allow us all to enjoy many things here in the U.S.! God knows your heart and the good you are trying to do, but there's unfortunately too many caucasians/whites trying to tear down and discount all your hard work and all the hard work you WANT to do too. I wish so badly I was nearby you to go to various offices to fight for your employment and MAKE them listen by conducting a boycott and protest against them. I would have called Washington Offices etc.. I know THE SOUTH IS NOTORIOUS FOR THEIR RACISM and it thoroughly disgusts me especially as a caucasion International Civil Rights and Community Activist all over the Internet and N.Y.C.(financially I can't afford to be more active,unfortunately,but that's due to various CORRUPTED Offices,Dept.'s,Police,N.Y.C.H.A.& Politicians NOT doing the jobs they DO have and hating Activists like me!).I want you to know,Jeff, that I would've done something if I knew about this a long time ago. People need these true testamonies to have an example of how people are so unfairly treated solely due to RACISM and nothing else!


"We will live forever with this racism."

Some way and some how, yes we must! I think that innately we are the bigger men as we are challenged with forgiving and (but not forgetting...never) on a day to day basis.

I see racism on each and every corner in Arizona. I am a born and raised southerner so I know it when I see it...even froma mile away.

At the moment I am a twenty-something year old minority firefighter and EMT. I earned a degree from one of the best universities in the world, earned my firefighter and EMT certifications, yet I have repeatedly been told "No."

If I am mentally and physically fit to say the least, well-educated, well-trained and of impeccable character yet I cannot simply get a chance to work in order to make a living what else am I to believe except that my skin must be the wrong color and I must not know the right individuals. These two really and truly are one in the same all too common especially in the fire service.

I can lick my wounds and move on, but sometimes I wonder where the modern-day Branch Rickeys, Pee Wee Reeses, etc. are? That is, who has the brains, brawn and balls to stand up for what is right?

So many people in powerful positions of authority claim to have such remarkable character and integrity, yet when their facing a big nasty hurler on the mound they will not swing the damn bat even though they have homerun potential.

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