The Japanese government took the position that Kuwait was not a global conflict. No dictator could drink the oil, it had to be sold. The Japanese would negotiate a price with the survivor.

Bush rejected pragmatism, turned our troops into oil Hessians and then wrapped himself in the flag and yellow ribbons. It was cynical business.

We watched our allies destroy Lebanon, invade Afghanistan, and crush the Baltic states, yet we expect the parents and spouses of Marines to believe their loved ones died in the cause of freedom.

We have destroyed Hussein's nuclear facilities and we have crippled his chemical and biological plants.

Still, we are not satisfied.
The bloodshed in the Middle East is wrong.
Visit the Vietnam war memorial, the nation's single most stirring public edifice, and run your fingers over the 58,132 names of Americans killed in Southeast Asia.

Did we learn so little from their sacrifice?
Look out upon row after row of white crosses in Arlington National Cemetery. Ask yourself if the oil derricks of Kuwait make more appropriate headstones.

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There is an atmosphere of depraved euphoria that rides shotgun with the outbreak of fighting.

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Does anyone really believe that we are in this war "in service of our ideals?"

Must use this pq, per Bodney

As the killing continues, we will wish we were in the service of our ideals instead of in the pursuit of oil.

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