But no, Diane Bishop is unfit.
On May 3, the Republic ran a front- page story charging that Bishop had missed board meetings because of her domestic turmoil.

Now the newspaper could claim her personal life was affecting her job.
This "news" ran nearly two weeks after the writers suggested she resign. In other words, they shot Diane Bishop, then rearranged the corpse into a threatening pose to justify the shooting.

Of course Diane Bishop's personal life has affected her job. Only an emotional robot could endure the stress of a physically violent estrangement without consequence.

But this "news" is a red herring.
On the very same pages used to attack Diane Bishop, retiring United States Congressman Morris Udall was canonized for his legendary contributions to Arizona.

And yet Mo's first wife deserted him. His second wife committed suicide. On top of all this, the man has been severely crippled with Parkinson's disease since 1979.

Don't you think these traumatic events took away from Udall's ability to focus upon his Congressional duties?

Of course they did.
The truth is that we all must overcome immense personal hurdles to do our jobs. We get ill, we lose loved ones, we have divorces. Public officials are no different.

Very few of us live the sort of sanctimoniously charmed personal lives that apparently come with a job at the Arizona Republic.

Keep your chin up, Ms. Bishop. You have no reason to hang your head.

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Of course Bishop's personal life has affected her job. Only a robot could endure the stress of a violent estrangement without consequence.

®MDBU¯If there's room for two pullquotes, please use the following as the second. Thx, Bodney

A man blessed with life's bounty might suffer with more gracious understanding the trials of a woman going through hell.

Understand that through all these media attacks there was no evidence that Bishop's responsibilities suffered because of her family turmoil.

Desperate women do not always behave with the jurisprudence of June Cleaver.

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