The neighbor returned with a young woman named Sherri.
Sherri reached down and petted Kitty.
Kitty whimpered.
"It's Azriel," Sherri said, stunned. "Oh, God." She broke into tears.
A new sense of purpose washed over us. We sawed faster.

The crowd continued to grow. Mr. SRP decided to help, grabbing a crowbar and a large pipe from his truck. Another neighbor brought over a pair of bolt-cutters.

The bar was half-sawed and weakened. A big guy had at it with the bolt-cutters. Suddenly, the bar snapped, and Kitty found itself grabbing at air. Big Guy snatched Kitty by the scruff and yanked it through The Hole.

The crowd issued a collective sigh, then cheered as Big Guy handed soggy Kitty to Sherri. Sherri cried.

"Just like Baby Jessica," the neighbor woman repeated. "You guys are heroes."

Sherri told us: "You guys must feel real manly."


Sherri rushed Kitty to an emergency animal hospital.
The vet gave Kitty a shot and a clean bill of health. The vet gave Sherri a bill for $60.

She carried Kitty up to her second-floor apartment.
Before they retired for the night, Sherri heard a familiar "meow" at the door.

She looked outside.
It was Azriel. The real Azriel.
Azriel looked at Kitty. Kitty looked at Azriel. Sherri stared at both of them.

She looked at Kitty and said, "I can't believe it!"
Then she turned to Azriel.
"You little weasel!" she told him.

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