Numerous officers have complained that the Elliget investigation has been incomplete, at best, because the Mesa department is probing itself. Police reports have indicated that evidence was tampered with.

Detective Kay Miller wrote in a report that a previously unnoticed "secret compartment" in the master bedroom had been gone through between the first and second searches of Dick Elliget's house. Tim Elliget and his father, Dick Elliget Sr., acknowledged that they removed guns and other items from the house in that time period.

Miller later questioned Tim Elliget, who denied any knowledge of the compartment. The matter remains unresolved, though Tim and Dick Elliget Sr. are irate at being linked with possible wrongdoing.

"We didn't do anything bad in that house," says Dick Elliget Sr., a civilian Mesa Police Department employee.

Adds Tim Elliget, "What happened is that the Mesa police had released the home back to the family after the first search warrant. We had no intent to look for anything or remove anything pertaining to the criminal case--nothing. I'm a crime-scene officer. Would I break the law or risk my career by pulling open some drawer and running off with evidence? It just didn't happen."

B.J. Elliget says, "I know that Tim and his dad did nothing wrong or illegal in there, but it just looks bad for a police department to investigate itself and its people."

Tim Elliget adds that the turmoil in the police department doesn't begin and end with his brother. "Dick got caught up in a situation that's still going on in this department," says Tim Elliget, speaking of the spate of sex-related incidents involving Mesa officers. "This hurts to say, but I don't know too many police departments or businesses or whatever that are going to `do' superiors--I mean, to get to the bottom of things."

"In helping Stacie, I saw myself, and I got very, very depressed."

"I'll bet you that Laurie will get her kids back, as disgusting as she is. This is one hell of a world.

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