When the young FBI agent, Clarice Starling, asked Dr. Lecter if he drew all the details from memory, he replied:

"Memory, Officer Starling, is what I have instead of a view."
@body:I stand there on the blacktop bike path and look westward toward the apartment complex. I can see the red-tile roofs. The windows are some 60 yards away. Small trees line the path, but they are too young to provide any camouflage. And there are overhead lights every 20 yards.

If you look the other way, you can see an iron fence which borders the canal. The canal is empty.

The police have released very few details. You wonder if her fingernails were broken, something that would indicate she had undergone great pain before death.

Did he--or they--come to get her in a van or a closed truck? Where was she taken? And why was she brought back to this spot? Above all, why keep the head so long before tossing it into the canal, two miles farther south?

The young man with the ferret had given me the family's telephone number in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

I got a recorded message. It was a woman's voice with a melodic tone. "I'm sorry. We are unable to come to the phone right now."

I put down the telephone. I think about how to sum up my visit to the crime scene.

It was a sunny, brisk day and the wind blew the leaves from the trees. But there were no children playing in the streets.

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Just to add more details for interested people,the first names of people in this group were "Ronnie","Chris" and "John"."Ronnie"attended Devry and was a self proclaimed"warlcock" and was a crossdresser.'John" was from Goodyear,but moved to the apartments to be closer to his job.He was allegedly a "computer geek"in his late 20s or early 30s in 1992 and had a thin build with sandy colored hair.Not much is known of Chris.Alegedly either Ronnie or Chris had a relative who lived in a first floor apartment where Angela Brosso's missing bike was seen.Allegedy the police checked out this person who claimed he found the"bike" and it had been stolen by "someone lifting it over the back patio wall".I urge anyone who had any info on this case to call silent witness and tell them what you know,even if you don't think it's that important.We have to solve these cases.


This case was connected to the September 1993 murder of Melanie Bernas.As for the "cult related"rumors they came from a group of people in Woodstone Apartments.Allegedly members of this suspected group attended a Haloween party at the complex dressed as "warlocks".Allegedly a purple bike was seen in one of there apartments shortly after the murders.Allegedly Krakowiecki took a dna sample and was cleared.I hope anybody with any info on this case contacts Phx police cold case department.

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