You see what I mean.
It's one thing to report that Dan Majerle made eight three-point shots or that Kevin Johnson made three steals and nine assists or that Richard Dumas scored 22 points. But unless you saw the game in person or on television, there is no way to understand the degree of difficulty involved in any of these individual feats.

If Barkley is credited with 15 rebounds, how many of them were balls for which he leaped high and fought with two or three other players? How many came to him easily, when the ball bounced off the backboard to him alone under the basket?

If he gets 30 points, how many were easy tip-ins? How many were difficult post-up shots in which he physically battled his way to the basket against two or three men?

And how many times did Barkley glare at the referee and intimidate the ref into giving him a foul shot the next time around?

All of these things are there if you watch the game. But you can't afford to take your eyes away for a second. You might miss the best play of the season.

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