"I looked in the window," she said. "I could see they have a lot of neon and open space. I also know they have the backing to stock 15 copies of books that I can only afford to stock a couple of. "But I found myself reluctant to go inside that store. I just couldn't make myself go through the door."
She hesitated.
"It's hard," she said, "to see something you've built up for almost 12 years dissolve into nothing before your eyes. We're staggered."
For a while, mother and daughter thought they would be able to sell the store to a retired couple from the West Coast.

But just before the deal went through, there was an announcement in the papers that still another big chain bookstore, this one called Borders, will open soon in Biltmore Fashion Park. Borders will go head to head against Bookstar. It is reportedly going to have 30,000 square feet of space, as well as a coffee bar.

"The profit margin on books has always been small," Cathy said. "But for a long while, we were able to make it. And we loved having our own bookstore. "My kids were a part of the store. They used to sleep in the back. Now my daughter is about to graduate from Xavier High School and has received a college scholarship. But when she comes home on vacation, there will be no bookstore for her to visit. It's hard to believe this will be all gone." Diane Dushoff, just as dismayed and shattered as her daughter, stood over the counter. She stared out the front door. Then she said, ever so softly:

"It reminds you of that old Janis Joplin song, 'Take another little piece of my heart.'

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