Unless Jordan's gambling is brought to a halt, a scandal that will bring grave harm to the NBA is inevitable.

Watch Jordan closely in the games that remain in this championship series. Study how he interacts with his Chicago Bulls teammates . . . with Phil Jackson, his coach.

"You should never let anyone know what you really feel," Jordan said once to an interviewer.

And what do you consider your relationship between you and the 11 men on your team?

"They're not my friends," Jordan said. "They're my teammates. You have to understand about the players in the NBA. It's a constantly competitive situation. To exist on this level, you've got to have been some sort of a star at some point in your life.

"And when I look around the locker room every night, I'm aware that every one of those 11 is aware that he's not the guy anymore. And while we all may accept that professionally, it's hard to accept personally. It's not something that's conducive to friendship. "We are teammates. We are not friends.

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