Krauss keeps her music out of the museum and on the club circuit by uncovering new bluegrass songwriters. Her albums, in fact, completely lack bluegrass standards. Instead of Bill Monroe tunes, her two Grammy Award-winning albums are filled with songs by unknowns like John Pennell and Sidney Cox, the latter who penned the title cut of I've Got That Old Feeling. Krauss grew up with Pennell in Illinois, and credits him as the person who turned her on to bluegrass. Cox, on the other hand, is a new acquaintance. He's a member of Louisiana's Cox Family, a Cajun-country-gospel group that Krauss has become friends with. She is currently in the process of recording a gospel album with the Cox clan that should be released by Rounder in January.

After that album and an upcoming "best of" compilation, Krauss will not be ready to make a new Union Station disc until late 1994. Great players have a way of attracting great talent, and Krauss' Union Station has always had chops to burn. And it has retained them, despite several personnel changes.

Last year, for example, longtime guitarist Tim Stafford quit. The group's schedule of 110 live shows per year had become too hard on his family. Without missing a beat, Krauss replaced him with John Bowman, who had previously played with the well-known Tennessee bluegrass band Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. In November, this new lineup will record together for the first time when it cuts three new songs for the aforementioned Krauss retrospective. And after that? Krauss laughs and says she doesn't know. "I've never had any goals. I just want to play and make better records.

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