Initially, Mecham says, he bought a press from a Las Vegas newspaper. He was trying to have it installed in a building he was buying for the newspaper, he says, but ran out of money and lost both the building and the press.

"I was ill-advised from people trying to help me get in business without spending very much money on [the press]," Mecham says. "The result was we wasted some money. It was a good press, but it was not what we should have had. It was very cheap, but sometimes cheap isn't good."
So does Mecham, whose automobile dealership failed amid his political meltdown, have the $950,000 he supposedly plans on sinking into the newly envisioned Arizona News?

All he will say is: "Oh, myself and two or three others have about $600,000 to $700,000 in it."

But Mecham is clearly still in the hunt, ever vigilant for any snippet of insight into the newspaper business that might help him along.

"You say you're with New Times?" he asks at the end of the interview. "Would you do me a big favor? Would you get an advertising rate card and just send it to me?

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