Sitting at his desk, Goldwater rifles through piles of paper, pulling out a tattered address book he says belonged to Cook-Taylor (he says it contains the names and addresses of other men she's ripped off) and documents he says will prove her guilty of tax fraud. His voice grows so loud that finally his assistant peers around the corner, then shuts the door.

Goldwater leans back, pulling an arm across his torso and rubbing his elbow so furiously it begins to bleed. He sighs, his voice dropping a few decibels as he explains that he's not supposed to be in contact with Cook-Taylor (her attorney says both parties have restraining orders), but if she'd apologize, pay his expenses and stay away from him, he'd be willing to "call it a day." "I'm willing to work out a reasonable solution," he says.

(The next day he says he might settle the breach of contract suit, but will take the second case to court.)

Goldwater has tucked two snapshots into the frame of a print hanging on his office wall. One is of his faithful dog Sandy sitting on Santa's lap; the other is of a long-tressed, thirtysomething blonde--his latest pen pal.

Ed Goldwater's new love interest, whom he declines to name, lives in Tennessee. She answered his latest ad in the Globe; they've been corresponding for almost three weeks.

Isn't he wary, given the results of the last go-round? "Damn right," Goldwater says, but this time he's being careful. He doesn't want a woman who's been married more than two or three times, he says, and he doesn't plan to sleep with his new flame until they are married.

"This woman is a moral woman," he says. He asked her mother. She lives with her mother and father, who watch her "like hawks." She's home every night by seven o'clock, Goldwater says. He plans to fly the three of them out to Arizona in January--after his next surgical rotation in the Dominican Republic.

As for Kathy Cook-Taylor, Goldwater concedes that he may still be in love with her. "I don't know if I should answer that or not," he says. "I don't know if I am or not. Probably no. I don't know.

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