Unfortunately, current strides toward more sexual frankness and education are being undermined by a resurgence of religious fanaticism that rivals that of the Puritans. As the line between church and state becomes more blurred, the morality brigade grows stronger. Funny how the government rushes to the rescue like Dudley Do-Right at the mere suggestion of sex portrayed in a photograph, while children who are repeatedly beaten or otherwise physically abused by Mom, Dad or the boyfriend are virtually ignored until it is often too late. Our collective refusal to admit the truth results in children's sexuality being a verboten subject. It also results in 9-year-old girls having babies and teenagers getting AIDS through unprotected sex, not to mention the festering and eventual eruption of ugly sexual perversity that has historically occurred in times of institutionalized sexual repression. It's time that we acknowledge and accept the fact and power of children's sexuality, and the inherent beauty and magic of the human body at all stages of life, which has been celebrated in art and literature for centuries. Only then can we have a healthy understanding and respect for it.

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