But even if the left-footed lady does exist, she'll be sure to find something in Sallman's shoe stockpile. Guiding guests through a warren where the shoes are subdivided by age- and gender-specific footwear, Sallman outlines the rather mind-numbing process by which shoes travel from one room to another as matched pairs are separated and mated with new mismatches. Finally, shoes with no mates wind up at the end of the line in a chamber Sallman cheerily calls "the Amputee Room."

"I quit nursing because this is nursing," explains the indefatigable Sallman, who's been called "the Helen Keller of shoes" and "the Ann Landers of feet." "I'm helping people here."
And while it's probably too late to do anything about it, the director of the National Odd Shoe Exchange concedes that the name of her organization could use some help itself.

"It is misleading," says Sallman, who frequently gets calls from people who mistakenly believe she's running some sort of exotic-footwear boutique. "People always want to know, 'What kind of odd shoe?'"
Explaining that the late founder, Ruth Feldman, was fond of punnish mottos (When odd shoes are left, to trade them is right") and cute acronyms, Sallman says, "She was always telling people, 'Look to the NOSE to help the feet.' I think she originally tried to work 'Feet' into the name of the organization. But think about it--you can't get anything out of 'Feet' in terms of an acronym."

As Ruth Feldman might have said, "You bet your booties.

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I have one pair of womens easy-spirit sneakers bought today for $65 a pair. Hate to toss the extras out. Right is 71/2; Left 61/2I can only wear flats or sneakers. No Heels. Rt. foot is fused.


I have 6 pair of shoes I can send if I have A place to send them to. they are all womens size 2 Left 5 right. Wes Fultz

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