"It is most comforting to know I am not alone. One of the things I have learned with all this is that we are all different--not only in our symptoms or lack of them, but also in how we regard the present situations we find ourselves in."
Chimes in a woman who had her implants surgically removed, "Granted, I am not able to pose for Playboy, but I really don't look so very awful. . . . A chest is only a chest. A LIFE IS A LIFE!"

Butler had her own implants removed last January 10. She nods in solemn agreement with her unseen pal. The comments of a third woman cause her to chuckle gently.

"I have a question for those of you with implants," the BBer writes. "Is there ever a time when you are no longer aware of them? I am always conscious of the fact that aliens are sitting on my chest."
"Aliens on my chest,'" Butler repeats. "What an image. Sounds like a song. But those aliens sure can cause us a lot of grief when they want to.

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