Gacy illustrated what he wanted by filling out a form listing his own enthusiasms:

"Perfect woman: independent thinker, self-starter, mind of her own.
"I view myself as: a positive thinker, open-minded, nonjudgmental.
"My biggest fear: dying before I have a chance to clear my name.
"If I were an animal I'd be: a bear or an eagle.

"My biggest regret: being so trusting and gullible, and thus taken advantage of.

"Favorite song: 'Send In the Clowns' and 'Amazing Grace.'
"I think sex is overrated. My mother told me about sex, my father never did. She said try to make it an act of love and never force yourself on anyone. And I never have."
@body:Let me clear up some loose ends.
Sam Amirante, the fledgling lawyer who took up Gacy's cause, is now a judge.

After a 5 1/2-week trial, it took the jury only one hour and 50 minutes to find Gacy guilty.

Greg Bedoe, who was one of the chief investigators on the case, was sitting near Gacy when he was sentenced to death by Judge Luis Garippo.

"I could look him straight in the eye," Bedoe says. "He didn't bat an eye."
Bedoe remembers something else about Gacy's behavior during the trial: "As soon as the jury would leave the court, even after the most damaging testimony, he would reach for a cigar and ask the bailiff for a match. Then he'd light the cigar, throw the match on the floor and saunter back into the holding zone."

A final cameo:
Lawrence Finder, an assistant state's attorney for Cook County, was one of those present when Gacy confessed. He remembers watching Gacy wrap his rosary beads around the wrist of a detective and twist them like a tourniquet. This was to demonstrate how he had strangled his victims.

"I remember feeling like my knees were turning to jelly," Finder says. "Gacy is the most evil man I ever met.

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