Da Blooze: Arizona Blues Society is holding its fourth annual Arizona Blues Showdown, open to both bands and solo musicians. The shows go down July 17 and 24 at the Rhythm Room, and the lucky winner will get to represent the state in the finals of the National Amateur Blues Contest in Memphis, Tennessee, where you can also get some really fine barbecue. Deadline for entries is July 8, so don't say I didn't warn you. Call Phoenix Blues Society at 252-0599 for more info.

Can't Sleep?: Then put on some clothes and head down to Orbit Espresso for the After Hours Jazz Jam featuring Larry Reed Trio. It takes place Friday and Saturday nights from midnight to 3 a.m. I hear tell it's a lot of fun, and it'll keep you off the streets. Call 265-2354.

Go See: If your idea of entertainment is a scantily clad woman with blacked-out teeth, fright wigs and body paint and odd-looking men with loud guitars, then head to the Mason Jar on Sunday, June 19, and see The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. I know what you're thinking, and it includes the word "gimmick," right? Think again. The band has the music--sorry, rock--to back up the spectacle, sort of a power/punk/glam mix that's part Pistols, part Dolls, part Kiss. TVHOKB has been driving em wild in the New York club scene, has critics drooling in its hand and is now unleashing the Horror on the rest of our nation. Enjoy.

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