Back to Seattle and over to Japan again for the Young Fresh Fellows and The Mutant Monster Beach Party, respectively. The Fellows continue to churn out utterly bitchin' stuff that I and about 17,500 people worldwide unconditionally love, but that no one else will touch with a ten-foot cattle prod. "Stop Breathing (You're Foggin' Up My Mind)"--or, as the cover spells it, "Stop Breating . . ."--is part cartoon punk, part low-down blues, all just right. Okay, it's funny or stupid, depending on your point of view, like most things in life. The Beach Party's "Beautiful Song" is the A-side here, according to me (whether it's labeled or not). Minor-key pop worthy of repeated listening, sung by Kummy in a voice that's a seductive mixture of Pet Clark and Yoko Ono. One hell of a mix. I think she sings in Japanese, but the lyrics printed on the sleeve are filled with awesome lines: "Please love me choke of my breath/Please love me viorently about my bone is creak." It Crawled From the Bins: Who needs a stiff martini after work when you can settle back with the mellifluous tones of Emile Franchel on his album Bridge the Gap Between Daytime Tension and the Evening's Relaxation? On Psychoscope Records, Inc., of course. Hard to believe anyone would get rid of a supreme antidote like this, but it didn't walk to Thrift Town on South Central by itself. And you know something, if the record didn't have so many pops and scratches on it, it just might work. Look into his eyes. Watch the hypno-wheel in the red vinyl spin. Emile doesn't pull any punches; he's onto you. "When the body signals, you take a goof-ball, use a tranquilizer, swallow a sleeping pill, or fly to the hypodermic needle." Whoa, there, pal! At least he's cool with Budweiser. The liner notes tell us that Brit-born Emile "accidentally discovered" at age 17 that he had "what appears to be a unique ability, in making people relax." Big deal, Emile--I bore em to death every week with this column!

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