Ideally, pilgrims who venture into this chamber will be in search of souls who left Earth between six months and 30 years ago. (Don't ask how Harel managed to contact Abraham Lincoln, who's been gone much longer than four score and seven years.)

"We've had to turn some people down because they just haven't been ready yet," explains Harel. "If it's too soon, there's still too much anger. Maybe it's Father's Day and they still can't believe Dad is gone. You have to be relaxed or this just isn't going to work."
Helping to settle unfinished business with the dead is just one of the services available from Far Journeys. Thanks to their full-service psychomanteum, these tuned-in tour guides claim that they're also able to provide the terminally ill with a sneak peek at the other side. "We help disintegrate the fear of death, and some of these people actually look forward to where they're going," says Andruzak, who likes to think of herself as a "thought surgeon." "If you don't have fear, it's a great trip out. See, when we know what to expect, it becomes almost pleasurable, because we keep dying and coming back, dying and coming back until we get to perfection."

An ethereal look crosses the face of Andruzak as she contemplates that eternal cycle.

Could it be that this is what P.T. Barnum was really referring to when he said, "There's one born every minute

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