6. When a New Times writer prints an extremely important story, an R&G reporter should:

a) Ignore it for days.
b) Ignore it for weeks.
c) Ignore it for months.

d) Ignore it for months, then write a similar story and claim it as an "exclusive."

@sub:Critical Thinking

@body:As a recently hired reporter, you learn that PNI publisher Chip Weil is a golfing partner of Phoenix Suns exec Jerry Colangelo. Meanwhile, you learn that Colangelo sometimes works closely with John Teets, the big man at Dial Corp. Furthermore, you discover, PNI, the Suns and Dial all cooperate on a host of business, charity and civic projects.

Shortly after your editor assigns you to write a profile of Teets, you run into Weil in the R&G elevator. The publisher says he has heard about the profile, and then, as the elevator comes to a stop, Weil tells you to make the story a "good" one.

You should:

a) Make doubly sure of checking all your facts before writing the profile.
b) Write a story about beets, and say it's what you were always working on.
c) Apologize.
d) Call Dr. Kevorkian.

@sub:True or False

@body:1. Bad, bad people live in South Phoenix.
a) True
b) False

2. The Arizona Corporation Commission is controlled by Sandinistas.
a) True
b) False

3. America West Airlines is just the very best company.
a) True
b) False

4. New Times is owned by children of Satan.
a) True
b) True

5. Jerry Colangelo.
a) True
b) True-blue


@body:In this section of the test, you should mark the answer that correctly completes the given set of correlations.

1. Dole is to Clinton as Christ is to ________?
a) Satan
b) Old Nick
c) Beelzebub
d) Lucifer

2. Lincoln is to America as Symington is to ________?
a) Arizona
b) Phoenix
c) Other people's money
d) Annette

3. The Republic is to Terry Goddard as a velociraptor is to ________?
a) A bunny rabbit
b) Bambi
c) Hillary, smeared with blood
d) Bill, smeared with blood and staked to a tree

4. Whitewater is to Watergate as Mount Everest is to __________?
a) A speed bump
b) An atom
c) A quark
d) Nixon's heart

Essay Question

In 5,000 words or more, please explain the importance of Charles Barkley's back to the continued economic and cultural development of Phoenix. Be specific.

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