Either there's a shortage of homeless people in Bitter Smith's district or the ones there prefer to do their own lipstick.

"They didn't have anybody, so we found someone from a shelter downtown. Actually, she hadn't even been checked in yet," Bitter Smith says.

Bitter Smith says she hasn't heard back from the homeless woman, but the fund raiser netted about $3,000.

Ginger Was a Bimbo
Each political season, the dailies ask candidates to complete long, comprehensive questionnaires on the issues of the day. The surveys are designed, as the Phoenix Gazette told the candidates, to allow the newspaper to "thoroughly cover the 1994 elections."

Candidates gave New Times peeks at the questionnaires sent out by the Gazette and Tribune Newspapers. Things are really getting personal. Favorite book, favorite movie, favorite play. Tribune Newspapers even asks candidates to list any and all "famous or highly accomplished relatives or ancestors." So much for the self-made man and woman.

But the chutzpah award goes to the political staff at the Gazette. Apparently, the Valley's afternoon newspaper wants readers to make really informed decisions at the polls this fall. The following zingers were interspersed with the usual queries about crime, children and the economy:

"What was the best car you ever owned?"
"Who is your favorite Phoenix Sun and why?"
"Which of your opponents has the best hair, or is it you?"

And, finally, proving that life imitates television beer commercials, the Gazette asks:

"Mary Ann or Ginger? Gilligan or Professor?

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