Perhaps nothing in Goddard's career sums him up better than his actions in the matter of Charles Keating during Goddard's initial campaign for mayor.

Goddard was running against Pete Dunn and, at the climax of the race, Terry opted to name the Republican power brokers who were aligned against him.

He accused Dunn of being in the pocket of Keating because he had accepted $20,000 in contributions from Keating and his business associates.

Here's what happened next.
Keating called his own press conference and called Goddard a hypocrite. He revealed Goddard had gone to Senator Dennis DeConcini and begged the senator to intercede with Keating for him.

Upon DeConcini's request, Keating had agreed to raise $20,000 for Goddard, too.
But typical of the way Goddard operates, Keating's money was to be timed so that it was contributed too late to be included in the financial reports.

If Keating had not blown the whistle, Goddard would have accepted the $20,000 contribution. And no one would have ever known.

Goddard has established one thing about himself during his time in public life. He is a liar and a hypocrite.

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