To Stoneham, the only players who were "friends" were old-timers like Hubbell who cheerfully accepted low pay and said, "Thank you, Mr. Stoneham."

Because of his subservience, Hubbell was given a front-office job when his playing days ended and remained with the Giants for 34 years.

But he ended up with very little money, making it through his lonely final days on his social security check.

You might have thought that Hubbell would be bitter. Not in the least. Hubbell ended up spending time in that Mesa bowling alley, accepting it as his lot in life. Stoneham finally sold the Giants and spent his final days in a sumptuous house in Scottsdale.

The two men met and shook hands every year at spring training. But their relationship remained the same.

The last time they met, Hubbell still called the owner "Mr. Stoneham.

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