Crenshaw: Yeah, there were Beatlemania groupies. We did have people that would follow us from place to place, camp out at our hotels. It was rather absurd.

Screed: Was it odd pretending to be Lennon?
Crenshaw: Yeah, I didn't like the idea of the show. I wasn't very good at it, you know? I was a bad fake Beatle, but I loved the music. I felt like a jerk dressed in those clothes. Screed: A lot of the new live album was culled from dates in Washington, D.C.

Crenshaw: Yeah, speaking of D.C., I played at 9:30 Club [an ancient downtown rock dump] about three months ago, and I had this rental car. After the show, I get in, start to drive away, and suddenly the power steering was gone. I made it back to the hotel, the next day I took it to a garage, and the guy opens the hood and the power steering belt is just laying there. He picks it up, and what do we find on the power steering belt? Rat fur. A rat had crawled up into the engine, and when I started the car, the rat got pulled across the engine.

Screed: What do you think of the new record? Crenshaw: I think it's really good, it's exciting, you know? And plus, uh, it's just good. I do good stuff.

Fresh Clubbage: Once upon a time, it was Dooley's, hosting people like Lou Reed, the Police, the Runaways and the Plasmatics. Then it became After the Gold Rush. Now it's the Electric Ballroom. The massive Tempe nightclub had its grand-opening weekend recently, and I was there grandly opening beers and listening to the Refreshments and Beat Angels rock the place. The Ballroom is a welcome addition to the local scene; great sound system, huge stage and an appropriately sticky dance floor. Everything you want in a rock 'n' roll club. It's located at 1216 East Apache. Call 894-0707 for more info. Go See: Flying 99 is a brand-new band in town that apparently has nothing to do with Barbara Feldon. (Note column's third pathetic TV reference.) It does, however, have a lot to do with ex-members of Strangelove and Zen Lunatics. You can check out the lads when they open for Dead Hot Workshop on Friday at Hayden Square.

You all may laugh, but I don't care. I'm gonna plug Henry Mancini! The Scottsdale Concert Band will perform an evening of the late, great composer's work ("Moon River," "The Pink Panther Theme"--need I say more?) on Wednesday in the college Performing Arts Center. Call 423-6333.

Drop in on Doo Rag, TIMCO and Royce Union Friday at Boston's. Call 921-7343.

If that's not enough, try Blast Off Country Style with Cath Carroll, Air Miami and Eggs over at Hollywood Alley on Saturday. Call 820-7117.

And finally, the Chandler Downtown Doo Dah Days Festival goes down Thursday through Sunday in--you guessed it--downtown Chandler. See Jerry Riopelle, Humberto Herrera, Redd Kross, God's Child and tons of other fun events. Like Rock With Barney, whatever that may be. But for pure, unadultered titillation, you'll not want to miss Bozo the Clown. Call 833-7150.

The Meat Puppets' latest album, Too High to Die, has gone high enough to be certified gold. Congratulations, boys!

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