The band's assignment now is to get America's great sweaty masses into it. Tod remembers playing "for about ten people" the last time CSC stopped in the Valley. But things are changing. For starters, the public's interest in preapocalyptic headache bands seems to be on an upward spiral. Witness the presence of new bands like Drown from L.A., and the continued presence of older acts like Chicago's Jesus Lizard. And witness Cop Shoot Cop swimming safely in a long-term deal with Interscope Records, home of the like-minded and startlingly popular Nine Inch Nails.

Still, Cop Shoot Cop has some work to do. Trent Reznor screaming in the mirror about a hole in the head makes for a slightly different target audience than the one attracted to CSC lines like, "I asked a pig if he wanted to dance/He said, 'Is that a gun in your pants or are you just glad to see me?'"

If happiness indeed is a warm gun, then Cop Shoot Cop's got some good times ahead.

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