He also flees the scene on election night, after Channel 12 reporter Lew Ruggiero--one of the best in the business--spots him on the crowded ballroom floor.

Ruggiero instructs his camera operator to get some footage of the elusive Leckie. The camera operator flicks on the spotlight and zooms in. Leckie appears for a moment like a deer frozen in the headlights. Then this master of the hit-and-run hightails it for the nearest elevator.--Paul Rubin

Rueful Sue
One Republican who isn't wearing a party hat and tooting a horn is state Representative Susan Gerard, who has publicly criticized Governor Fife Symington. Gerard's not looking forward to the upcoming legislative session. "I'm depressed," Gerard announced last week when she answered the phone at her Phoenix home. She says she's "resigned to a miserable two years." With more Republicans elected to the House of Representatives, Gerard's "Sue Nation"--a group of seven moderates who have often said no to Symington--may be rendered impotent or, worse, vilified.

But maybe not, she says. Gerard thinks a similar "nation" comprised of ultraconservatives will be established.

And as for school vouchers? Even if they pass, she says, they'll be tied up in court. She calls vouchers "unconstitutional. No question about it." Even so, "It's going to be an awful couple of years," she says. "Awful. Awful."--Amy Silverman

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