Not one of the victims interviewed by Officer Swick at the Jesse Owens facility said he or she could identify his or her assailant.

Phoenix police officer Michael McElroy arrived at the school at 12:30 p.m. and contacted James Simon of the school's security detail.

Simon told Officer McElroy of seeing the initial fights break out in the quad area. He saw a 16-year-old female black student punch a Hispanic female student without provocation. Simon took her into custody.

Returning to the quad, Simon saw a 15-year-old black student punch a Hispanic male student. He was also taken into custody.

Next, Simon saw a 16-year-old Hispanic student walk up to a Channel 3 news photographer who was recording the disturbance and push the camera into his face. Simon spoke to the photographer, who was unhurt and did not wish to prefer charges.

Officer Rusty Stuart arrived at South Mountain at 12:15 p.m. In his report, he recalls seeing the fight break out in the main courtyard.

"The officers from our squad, along with officers from the field, attempted to break up this fight. We began taking rocks, bottles and cans from the crowd. The decision was made that we should retreat to the east end of the building, just east of the courtyard . . . "After enough officers had arrived, we were ordered to form a police line. We were instructed not to let anyone through our line and to move everyone west and north off the campus."

In the course of carrying out this formation, several students who resisted the police line were taken into custody following scuffles.

The disturbance at the South Mountain campus lasted only one day. There has been no trouble between black and Hispanic students reported since October 13.

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