NT: Johnny, are you a fan of old comedy records?
Johnny B.: Well, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a big fan of Monty Python. When I was about 21, Cheech and Chong were in. I didn't own any of the records, but I had a friend and we'd listen to them at his house. I never paid attention to anything on record, but my favorite comedian of all time is Jonathan Winters. I think he's a genius.

NT: Do you think your albums will age better than other comedy records?
Kamal: Our first record's always been on the charts [since its release], and it's never gotten played out. It sounds silly saying it, but it's really classic. If anyone comes out with another prank-phone-call album, everyone's going to compare them to the Jerky Boys albums. We didn't invent prank phone calls. We started this genre of prank phone calls, using different characters. We did it in a New York, underground, different way.

NT: Have the beef-jerky people contacted you about using the Jerky name?
Johnny B.: We've got a lot of people contacting us for endorsements. A lot could be on the way. We've got so many characters and voices.

NT: Now that you're so widely known, is there a danger of the people you call recognizing your characters? Johnny B.: Frank Rizzo, a lot of people recognize him. But there're plenty of victims out there.

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