Judge Hoffman pointed out, icily, that Rubin's contemptuous conduct had started at the beginning of the trial and lasted until his sentencing.

Rubin interrupted by shouting: "And tomorrow and the next day until I am dead."

As Rubin was being led out a side door to jail, he turned to Judge Hoffman and shouted in a loud voice that echoed around the courtroom: "Sadist!"

I never gave a thought to how Jerry Rubin's life might evolve as he grew older. I was naive. I never expected him to change.

He would spend his life striding through the rear doors of a federal courtroom with Abbie Hoffman and both would be dressed in judges' robes to show their contempt and their valor.

They would be caught in a freeze frame--still alive with their guns blazing--like Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Like the Bob Dylan song, they would stay forever young, always battling on the side of the underdog.

But life's not like that. Everything changes. And not always for the better.

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