As of now, the film is slated to play for only a week at Tempe's Valley Art Theatre; it can safely be considered a must-see. Along with its main subject, it contains many incidental passages of creepy relevance to contemporary debates. Not the least striking of these is a recording of the text for a show of paintings deemed "degenerate" by the Nazis, who, like many American conservatives, were much offended by the outr‚ in art: "Pure German artistic sensibility means nothing to a rootless Jew. What he calls art must titillate his depraved senses; it must be cloaked in corruption and sickness; it must be unnatural, grotesque, perverse or pathological. These febrile fantasies of incurably sick minds were once flaunted before the public by Jewish art critics as the highest form of artistic expression." Remove the overt racial terms, and this might easily have been written this very day by Pat Robertson or Michael Medved.

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