This evocative play has been given a lively and loving production under the expert direction of Jim Pinkerton. The scenic design by Gro Johre fulfills the high standard of excellence we have begun to expect from her. But the most outstanding element of the production is the superlative, masterly lighting by Paul Black, who also provided the Technicolor illumination for Southwest Shakespeare Company's Julius Caesar. Black is the best evidence I've seen that Phoenix already is playing in the artistic big leagues.

Lonely Planet generously acknowledges its debt to Ionesco, and on the heels of In Mixed Company's stunning revival of Exit the King, Actors Theatre has given us an opportunity to understand how the future of dramatic literature stands on the shoulders of the past only to see the present more clearly.

AIDS is now the largest cause of death for Americans between the ages of 25 and 44. What are we to do? What can any one of us do?

We can see Lonely Planet. We can refuse to be comfortable with the world as we see it. We can collectively ache for a cure.

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