Sexual philosophy:
"Women can be fat, short, tall, thin, old, young--it doesn't matter. I don't think it's what's outside, because the dressing doesn't matter, you can put sauce on anything and make it interesting. Lipstick and a tight dress will make everybody turn around. It's got to come from the inside."

Party habits:
"What do I do on a night out? I bet it's the same thing you do. Good food, good company. If you're not horny, then it's friends who you talk to, and if you're horny, you can find companionship."

On mother-daughter tag-team groupies:
"Yes, it's happened once or twice."

Did the Beatles matter?
"The killer of them all is Paul McCartney, who really changed the way bass players approached their instruments because he was first a guitar player. And I was first a guitar player. . . . We've just been told by Billboard magazine that we're about to tie the Beatles for the second all-time gold record winners. How cool is that?"

Who's worth hearing?
"I have my Tony Bennett box set right next to my Patsy Cline; I've got my Frank Sinatra right next to Smashing Pumpkins. I think you've got to approach music and life like you do food. Nobody just likes Mexican food or Japanese food or hamburgers, it's all about the spice of life. . . . I always listen to new bands, always have from the beginning. Whether it's finding Van Halen in a club and taking them into the studio for the first time, or seeing Cinderella when they first started out, every once in a while, you see a new band that just kills you, and when you see it's not happening, you try to help them."

Why breathe fire?
"When you think about it, it makes no sense. First, I'm playing an instrument, then I'm breathing fire. Or drooling blood. But when you look at KISS, you go, 'That's all right.' I think it ultimately goes back to no matter what you do, it all has to be convincing because it all has to make some kind of emotional connection. If it doesn't connect emotionally, it's like those people in Vegas shows who come out and go, 'I'm sincere, babe!' And you know he's full of shit, he doesn't mean it. So it's got to connect."

Words to live by:
"Walk your walk and talk your talk, don't try to copy other people because guess what--mimes are not real people. It's a figment of your imagination.

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