* There was never any danger of a war with the Soviet Union.
* All nations of the world would soon be disarmed under a world government.

* The executive branch, in cooperation with the intelligence community, would be instrumental in disarming Americans.

* The money to plan for and create a one-world government comes from the CIA's importation and sale of drugs.

Disgusted by his discoveries, Cooper resigned from the Navy and tried to tell his story to the media.

"As I furnished more information concerning the intelligence community and the United Nations, the efforts to silence me became brutal," he wrote in a five-page biography.

In March and April 1976, two different attempts to kill Cooper failed, but, he claims, he pressed on with his work. By 1989, Cooper was ready to reveal a world conspiracy/UFO theory to the public at the Mutual UFO Network Symposium in Las Vegas, according to published reports.

Cooper discovered that three races of aliens had already visited Earth by the 1950s. In 1954, he found, President Eisenhower signed a formal treaty with the second alien race to land on the blue planet. The treaty was signed by "His Omnipotent Highness Krlll," Cooper found.

The treaty signing was filmed, Cooper says, and the film still exists. Ambassador Krlll "gave lots of information, scientific data, some of which was published in open scientific literature, under the name O.H. Krill," Cooper writes.

Subsequently, President Kennedy discovered the treaty with Krlll and his alien cohorts and was about to tell the world. Hence, Cooper says, Kennedy was assassinated.

Cooper began a massive marketing campaign of his theories, selling audio and video tapes as well as his book to UFO enthusiasts. He soon merged UFO phenomena with New World Order doctrine.

But by 1994, Cooper began to distance himself from his UFO past, although he continued to claim he's seen documents signed by "O.H. Krill."

Because he was told that Krlll was invented by a couple of other UFO investigators, Cooper finally concluded that the UFO documents he had seen were nothing more than a hoax.

He decided that the UFO misinformation campaign that fooled him was "exclusively of human origin . . . designed to bring into being One World government," according to Omni magazine.

Cooper began asking his followers to destroy previous tape lists that included many references to UFOs. A fire destroyed his UFO archives.

About the same time that Cooper discovered the UFO-Krlll theory was a clever hoax, he decided to launch a hostile takeover of Gannett Company, Inc., the multibillion-dollar media giant that owns USA Today and many other newspapers, as well as radio, television and advertising properties.

Cooper instructed his supporters to buy Gannett stock and turn over their voting rights to him. "The goal is control, not profit," Cooper said.

The attempt to buy the $3.5 billion company fell a few billion dollars short.

Nevertheless, Cooper remains a strong attraction when he speaks on the metaphysical and unsolved-mysteries convention circuit.

Last September, Cooper was slated to appear at the Extraordinary Experiences Research Expo in Los Angeles to present two lectures. The first seminar was titled: "Conspiracy Is Not a Conspiracy--Everything Is Out in the Open." The Expo's promotional material says, "Cooper's world-renowned expertise in this field will reveal nothing is hidden."

Ninety minutes after the first seminar ended, Cooper was scheduled to hold a workshop on the history of brotherhoods and how they change the world. "Cooper will disclose the very latest information that is hidden from the public eye," one flier says.

Hiding is something Cooper and his followers know well. Efforts to interview Cooper in May in St. Johns were rebuffed. Signs were posted, warning the press to stay away from Cooper's office.

Moments after an interview was sought, Cooper's followers placed sheets over the large window facing Commercial Street.

Cooper did not emerge from his broadcast bunker.
But a flier detailing Cooper's latest video was available.
"Introducing! LUXOR," the promotional material said.

According to that material, Cooper has determined that people entering Luxor, a new Egyptian-themed Las Vegas hotel and casino, will "get a barrage of symbology they will never understand." The barrage is linked to an ancient Egyptian "Mystery Religion."

Tourists, gamblers and their children will all be on the road to becoming Freemasons, but won't know it, the flier said. "Without their knowledge, all will receive the three degrees in six acts. They will leave wearing the mental aprons of Freemasons without portfolio," the ad said.

The Luxor video, according to Cooper's flier, "beckons and repulses, imparting feelings of euphoria alternating with impending doom." The video will be perfect entertainment "for those studying the emerging New World Order."

The good news: The videotape revealing this threat costs only $35.

A CURE for All Our Problems!
For more than 35 years, Arizona political maverick Evan Mecham has waived the constitutionalist flag high and wide. For most of that time, he carried the standard without fanfare and with scant support.

In fact, he generally was vilified by establishment Republicans, minorities, gays and, of course, liberals.

It was none other than a fellow Republican, J. Fife Symington III, who led the charge that gutted Mecham's turbulent governorship by publicly announcing support for Mecham's removal from office and his impeachment.

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