Mallory has been a shadow player in every governor's cabinet from Babbitt to Symington. Mallory's thing is that he just loves to do business. He's always looking to give someone the business.

And Mallory has put a Miss Karen's Yogurt deal together with the Pima Indians.

That doesn't mean the Pimas will roll over for a domed stadium.
If Bidwill thinks he's going to coochie-coo a bunch of naive Indians, he's in for a surprise.

One lawyer who has done tribal work for decades said this: "You'd have an easier time striking a deal with the Japanese or the Iraqis than you would trying to hustle Arizona Indians."

For one thing, everyone wants to know how you make the numbers work on an expensive domed stadium when you only have ten football games, including the preseason tune-ups, to make your nut. Jerry Colangelo owns every other sports team in Arizona, so no one else is going to be paying rent for a new arena. Another thing: The Indians are sick of playing Tonto to a bunch of wise guys. It's mean out there.

I've got a little story for Mr. Bidwill.
Back in the late '40s and early '50s, the Bureau of Indian Affairs was looking around for a way to get electricity out to a few hundred Mojaves along the Colorado River in western Arizona. The agency struck a deal with a local electrical co-op to string lines out to the tribe.

You might think the Indians would be eternally grateful for the power to run their televisions. Not so.

Now the Indians want the utility company off the reservation.
The Indians want to supply their own electricity.
Not only that, the tribe now says the utility has been trespassing all this time. They want $3 million for the violation. They want $3 million before they'll let the utility boys leave.

This little beauty is working its way through the federal courts, and I'm betting on the Mojaves.

And I'm betting on any Indian, including Pocahontas, in negotiations with Bill Bidwill.

With any luck, a tribe will end up owning the Cardinals, then we can see that stupid name changed.

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