A Pack of Trouble

With the Humane Society refusing to accept healthy stray dogs, the county pound is expected to overflow

Final budget figures for dealing with the extra animals will be available in late November, Englender estimates.

Englender and Rabies/Animal Control director Lee San Miguel have had lengthy discussions with Humane Society staff and board members about legal issues.

"We certainly recognize that they have the perfect right to determine their line of business," Englender says. "We may not fully agree with some of the rationale and arguments ... but we're all in the business of trying to help the community and its relationship with animals."

Adams refuses to comment on discussions with county officials. It would be "political suicide," he says, chuckling.

Both sides insist they are not adversaries, and say they are working toward a compromise.

Liz Lopez doesn't see it that way. She says, "Lee [San Miguel] has been really miserable to the people at the Humane Society, insisting that they have to keep on doing what they've been doing, and their board said, 'No way, Jose,' so they're at each other's throats.

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