Sentence: 90 Days of Pain

Jail inmate with 50 bullet fragments in arm waits months for medical treatment

Horton, who recently returned to Phoenix from Florida, has no immediate family in the area. His freelance photography work and his relationship with his girlfriend both hit the skids about a year ago. There is no way he can post $23,600 bail to get out of jail, given his $800 monthly income, he says.

So Horton, who has no prior convictions, remains incarcerated with 2,500 other, mostly poor detainees who also can't post bond prior to trial.

There is an ironic subtext to Horton's predicament: Sheriff Joe Arpaio's jail once provided part of Horton's living as a news photographer. He photographed Arpaio for USA Today two years ago, when the sheriff erected the now-world-famous Tent City jail.

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