Creep Show

Jacked up on more volts than Frankenstein's monster, White Zombie patrols the perimeter of garish pop metal

While he hasn't refused to cash any checks, Rob Zombie remains characteristically dour about his band's triumphs. "Commercial success was never the motivation," he claims. "Escaping reality and the daily grind of living was the prime motive."

Life on the road, though, has also proved grinding. Gigging six nights a week and being crammed together in a tour bus for months at a time has taken its toll on the four band members--including, aside fromYseult and Zombie, guitarist J. (Jay Yeunger) and drummer John Tempesta.

"We're past the point of hating each other," says Yseult. "We get along on a certain level, but it goes through phases. Sometimes it's all a drag, sometimes it's a lot of fun."

Yseult's romantic relationship with Rob Zombie was an early casualty of the road war. "The situation hasn't been ..." Yseult pauses to measure her words. "Hmmm. I want to be diplomatic about this. It hasn't been a major problem, but it's not the easiest situation. I'm not gonna lie about that."

Recently, White Zombie almost had an unexpected reprieve from the rigors of its current U.S. tour when a religious group staged an anti-Zombie rally in--surprise!--Jackson City, Tennessee. "Two thousand so-called Christians showed up and sent in three bomb threats," grumbles Yseult, still bitter about the ordeal (the band eventually got to play). "I just think that's a contradiction in what they're supposed to be about. I mean, I'm not hurting anybody."

When your meal ticket's named Beelzebub, though, you should expect to catch some flak from the churchgoing crowd. Still, by Yseult's count, the band has more friends than enemies. "The weirdest thing," she says, "is no matter where we go now, we get recognized by somebody who's so unlike a Zombie fan. The waitress at the truck stop or the hotel bellhop."

In fact, the band's increasing popularity raises suspicions about a pact with the horned, red-caped guy.

"We already made it," laughs Yseult. "How do you think we got where we are now?"

White Zombie is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, March 6, at Compton Terrace in Chandler, with Filter. Showtime is 7:30 p.m.

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