Drugstore Caballero

Recreational prescription drugs put Mexican farmacias on the map--and American pill seekers on the road

"The travel is a hassle," he concedes. Reluctantly, he also admits that "there is some truth to the story that when you have all these pills lying around, you take 'em."

He tells me how Oscar had become so dependent on Valium that he'd take three ten-milligram tabs each morning just to start the day.

And Neil himself? Well, there was that little problem with the amphetamines.
"After I discovered those diet pills, I could understand why chubby moms are so eager to get their hands on them," explains Neil. "Within 15 minutes, you are finding new uses for those vacuum-cleaner attachments. You have the drapery tool out and you are 16 again."

He sighs. "The good news is I went down three pant sizes. The bad news is I just couldn't stop vacuuming. I guess the trick is learning that you must respect these drugs."

But that lesson is apparently taking a little while to sink in.
Before signing off, Neil adds, "Hey, if you decide to run down to Nogales again, be sure to let me know, okay?"

I promise him he'll be the first to know.

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