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godheadSilo/Tribe 8
Next up is Kill Rock Stars alum godheadSilo with its Sub Pop debut, Skyward in Triumph. godheadSilo is two guys on bass and drums churning out muddy space rock with static vocals that tear through your head at warp nine. One track, "Dan Vs. Time," is just 15 seconds of freight-train drumming. What this album lacks in production quality (massive fuzz) it more than makes up for in drive, jerking you from song to song like a malfunctioning elevator. (Sub Pop, P.O. Box 20645, Seattle, WA 98102)

Quick question--what the hell is up with the promoters in this town booking three brilliant bands at three different venues on the same Monday night, April 15? Please, someone call a huddle. Alas, here are your options: The fabulous lounge lizards in Combustible Edison are to play Hollywood Alley in Mesa, promising two full hour sets of Martin Dennyesque bachelor-pad music and a 20-minute home movie. The frantic p-rock legend Samiam is supposed to take over Boston's in Tempe the same night--you might want to catch this band before its major-label debut comes out soon on Atlantic and Samiam becomes fodder for the scene police.

Finally, the queer-core lesbians in Tribe 8 are scheduled to play Nita's Hideaway in Tempe in support of their new album, Snarkism. Known for topless, confrontational performances, Tribe 8 plays sexual-political hard-core--definitely not for the sensitive ear. This group makes fellow queer bands like Pansy Division sound like, uh, pansies. I hear a dildo will get you a dollar off at the door.--Brendan Kelley

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