Trouble in Paradise

The Oasis brothers (Noel and Liam Gallagher) indulge in a spot of gin-and-tonic-stoked, sibling-on-sibling bickering

LG: You're getting hung up about a situation that occurred on a boat!
JH: Let's go back to where we were, people saying, "I go on Oasis' bus, and you can't move for drugs and they're up all night . . ." You're up for that?

NG: People are sat in England, right now, in flats across this country, whether it be Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham. London, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield . . . in rooms like this. And they've all got the drugs out. That is part of life.

LG: Exactly. So shut the fuck up, man! You're just contradicting yourself, you've had too many drinks. I don't want to go on about how I am a hard fucker. I'm in this band to make music, but that thing'll come along with it. It always does.

JH: The Who hated each other as well.
LG: Yeah. Well, I hate this bastard.
JH: Is that what fires this band up?

LG: Yeah. That's what it's all about. That's why we'll be the best band in the world, because I fuckin' hate that twat there. I fuckin' hate him. And I hope one day there's a release where I can smash fuck out of him, with a fuckin' Rickenbacker, right on his nose, and then he does the same to me, 'cause I think we're stepping right up to it now. There's a fuckin' line there, and we're right on the edge of it.

JH: How often do you argue like this?
LG: Every day.
NG: Hourly.
JH: And how do you manage to go onstage with each other?

LG: I've got a mike stand, right, and that's what I'm into, what I'm about. I'm not going to fuck off because he thinks my views are too outrageous or whatever. I've got my vibe and I go to that mike stand and I do my business. He stands in his fuckin' corner, he does his little riffs and his little dance--let him do that. I'll do my bit, the drummer does his bit. That's what it's all about. Five people, not one.

JH: Do you have any recurring dreams?
NG: Yeah, just the one.
LG: (Menacingly) I take over the band.

Oasis is scheduled to perform on Tuesday, April 16, at Mesa Amphitheatre, with the Spinanes. Showtime is 7:30 p.m.

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