Pop Gun

Or is it possible that Harron is taking Solanas' shooting of Warhol at face value as a revolutionary act? If Harron wasn't so obviously fond of Warhol, you'd almost think she was hinting that by choosing Warhol--a passive, effeminate, monumentally harmless specimen of manhood--as her first victim, Solanas was showing the depth of her commitment to knock out all men (if she'd succeeded in killing him, you can bet the film would have a different spin, even if her book was an undisputed masterpiece). But it seems much more probable that Solanas shot Warhol simply because of what she perceived as an unfairness--if he was ridiculous and rich and famous, why should she be ridiculous and poor and obscure?--M. V. Moorhead

I Shot Andy Warhol:
Directed by Mary Harron; with Lili Taylor, Jared Harris, Stephen Dorff, Michael Imperioli and Tahnee Welch.


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