Flashes in the Pan

It may seem disingenuous for a film critic to expend space criticizing a fairly minor book which just happens to dis film critics. Make no mistake--it's a vocation full of hacks, snot-noses and bored, jaded time-servers, and plenty of critics from those categories are quoted in The Critics Were Wrong. If they're made to seem silly, prudish, pompous or plain cruel, I shed no tears for them, though I shudder to think of being held accountable for every dumb-shit thing I've ever put on paper; I started writing reviews at 17, for heaven's sake, and sometimes I find I disagree with what I wrote two weeks ago.

--M. V. Moorhead

The Critics Were Wrong:
Misguided Movie Reviews and Film Criticism Gone Awry: Compiled by Ardis Sillick and Michael McCormick.

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