You Want Ska With That?

Dave's Big Deluxe--watch out for the special sauce

Day jobs make it possible for Dave's Big Deluxe, whose members range in age from 20 to 26, to buy imported beer on a regular basis and in copious quantities. And they let the band hire Big Apple producer Jim Waters (Sonic Youth, the Toasters) to put a sheen on DBD's hard, horn-heavy Jamaica-style ska. As it turned out, Credenza is a punchy, 11-song collection that explores, among other things, Schuttenberg's experiences growing up in a household where the in-your-face decor of the disco era reigned supreme.

"It's like a fond memory," he says with a sigh. "I grew up in a house with a plush, blue shag carpet and an orange downstairs and yellow walls and just the most heinous '70s crap you can imagine." The most vivid memory branded on Schuttenberg's cortex, along with those of his mother's beehive and his father's rust-colored poly-leisure suits, is the recollection of his parents' '50s-style Credenza stereo, which dutifully spun Schuttenberg's Judas Priest and Dead Kennedys records as he skateboarded around the house. The old phonograph comes to life in the upbeat cut "Credenza Style Hi-Fi."

A second CD and a seven-inch are expected in the fall, along with a gothic Credenza remix. "It'll be a cross between Planet Xymox and early Dead Can Dance," says Schuttenberg. As for another tour, Schuttenberg says he'd be content if the band never left Arizona again. "Besides," deadpans the singer, "once everybody gets laid solely 'cause they're in a band, that's when I quit."

Schuttenberg may be in for a long haul.
Dave's Big Deluxe is scheduled to perform on Wednesday, June 19, at Boston's in Tempe, with the Skatalites, and Kongo Shock. Showtime is 8 p.m. (all ages).

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