Richard Rabinowitz, president of the American History Workshop in Brooklyn, claimed AHW interviewed "hundreds of Arizonans" and that its community-based investigations were highly praised articles appearing in several community and ethnic newspapers. Of all the black leaders whom I had contacted, no one ever mentioned being contacted by the museum planners.

Now that those museum sponsors seem set on milking taxpayers to "improve" their project, the danger is that such undertakings have tended to throw Arizonans back to the days before civil rights legislation helped make life somewhat better for blacks and other minorities.

Fortunately, Phoenix at last has its own African-American Museum and Cultural Center at 415 East Grant. For the past three years, youths and adults of all races visit and participate in its programs through which its predominantly black board of directors hopes to help to erase the stereotype images of blacks that the Arizona Historical Society Museum's Marley Center seemed to insist in perpetuating as invisible entities.

Richard E. Harris
Apache Junction

Compliments to the Chef
Todd Hall, yum ("Epicured," Michael Kiefer, July 4)! I can't wait to try his dinners. Please let readers know where he will be. Good luck to him and his family. I wish them much success.

Ann Michaels

Sniff Competition
Many thanks to Dewey Webb for his article about Castle Boutique's selling of VCR-head cleaner ("What's the Buzz?" July 4). We sold out of our current stock in two days, which put us over our sales quota for the week, and meant free cookies from the sales director.

Name withheld

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