Come on, get serious, let the guys wear pierced earrings. I'm sure, Dan, the management at Herberger Theater Center, theatre for the arts I might add, would never have thought to have that no-earring policy.

Ellen Tallabas

I am disappointed with Dewey Webb's article about the pierced-earring policy for male employees at Harkins Theatres. Nobody, not even the liberal press, has any right to run someone else's business by proxy. Meddling is not reporting.

Dan Harkins can tell his employees what, and what not, to do. He buys their time; his employees sell their time.

I admit, I don't like self-mutilation on men or women, and as a customer, I am likely to be discouraged or disgusted by an outlandishly outfitted employee. That means the business loses money. Call me a bigot, homophobe, racist. I don't care. I should not, as a paying consumer, have to deal with weirdos. Nuff said!

Charles Doane
via Internet

In response to Kurt Havelock's August 1 letter, what he claims to be discrimination based on sex, and a criminal offense under Title VII, is not! Employers have all the rights if they don't like an employee's appearance. And that is the issue with the longhair guys--not that the employees are males. I sympathize, believe me, and was on my own rampage many times after being fired or told to "fix" my ever-changing hair color a few years back.

Karena Titmarsh
via Internet

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